What is Whole Selves?

Whole Selves is an evidence-informed, healthy relationships curriculum, designed for students with intellectual disabilities (ID). This ground-breaking, positive approach to relationships and sexuality teaches self-determination, consent, boundaries, sexual safety and the positive experience of intimacy.
For the past 10 years, we have taught students at Whole Children, our community of social and enrichment programs for children and adults with ID and autism. During this time, we have refined our approaches, brought our curriculum and approach into schools in Massachusetts and collected anecdotal evidence of the success of our curriculum and our approach.

In 2018, we partnered with the graduate school at Mt. Holyoke College in a rigorous process to vet our materials and our curriculum as evidence-informed and to ensure it met the standards of quality.

What Sets Us Apart?


Evidence-Informed and Comprehensive


​Our curriculum consists of 18 units that include over 100 lessons covering a range of topics.  From Knowing Yourself to Consent to Sexual Safety, our content is aligned to National Health Education Standards.  Each unit includes pre and post assessments and each lesson contains skill-checks.

Straight-Forward and Inclusive


​Teaching methods are flexible and designed for simplicity, but with room for added complexity.  Materials are universally designed and represent a range of abilities, cultures and identities.  Lessons are direct, clear and systematic.

Professional Development and Support


Whole Selves is not only a collection of materials, but an approach.  Professional trainings for educators, human service professionals, caregivers and anyone interested in joining the conversation are an essential part of the work.

Dedicated to Building Community


People with intellectual disabilities have the capacity and the right to create and enjoy genuine, meaningful, lifelong relationships. It takes community to realize this vision.