About Us

At Whole Selves, we are committed to supporting all people in their right to access and learn the skills necessary for healthy relationships and opportunities to live the full life of their choosing. We are committed to educating families, providing resources to professionals who wish to support individuals in learning skills, and speaking out as advocates for positive change. 

Carrie McGee, MHA
Director Whole Children, Milestones, and Whole Selves
For the past twenty-two years, Carrie has been a leader and a visionary in founding and developing Whole Children and its spin-off programs, Milestones and Whole Selves. Along with a team of fearless parents and skilled, innovative professionals, this group has created resources, community and opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities to thrive.  



Tracy Romeo
Business Manager
Since 2016, Tracy Romeo has been managing our Whole Selves website, products, and community. If you are looking for support for your child or yourself, have questions about how Whole Selves can help you, need resources, or something else, Tracy will be able to help you find what you need. With more that 35 years of experience providing high-level support to a variety of executive leaders, Tracy is a master at helping people find the support and resources they are looking for.



Brian Melanson, M.Ed, LCSW
Senior Sexuality Educator
Brian Melanson has been a sexuality educator for more than 10 years, working primarily with children, teens, and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. He has an M.Ed in sexuality education and has recently received his LCSW in Massachusetts where he has begun working as a therapist. Brian merges therapeutic and educational theory and technique in individual and group settings so he may better serve students and clients. He has co-written the Whole Selves curriculum, along with Maggie Rice, which he and other skilled educators implement in local school systems as well as our center. He has facilitated programs for students of all ages, parents, and professionals on a variety of sexuality topics, including boundaries, relationships, consent, puberty, sexual health, and masculinity.



Liana Marks
Whole Selves Instructor
Liana has been teaching the Boundaries and Relationships classes and working with the Whole Selves curriculum since she joined the team in 2015. She works primarily with teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, focusing on building healthy relationships, understanding complex emotions and consent-based sex ed.

Over the years of working with Milestones and Whole Selves, Liana has helped develop and write the Whole Selves curriculum through first hand experiences working with her students and catering lessons specifically to their needs. She loves the work and helping others become healthy and safe adults.



Jenna Perna Elias
Whole Selves Instructor
Jenna has been working with the Whole Children/Milestones/Whole Selves team since 2017. They are a teacher and a coach working primarily with adults with developmental and intellectual disability, but have taught folks with a wide range of ages. They have a passion for creating supportive, inclusive, and educational communities that recognize and allow members to be their full selves. Jenna mainly teaches Self-Advocacy and Boundaries and Relationships. These classes focus on understanding human rights, feeling good about yourself, and knowing what you need as well as understanding the elements of healthy relationships, making consent a practice, and relationship building. Jenna’s ability to facilitate inclusion, respect, and fun is present in all their work.



Maggie Rice, M.Ed
Sexuality Educator

Maggie Rice is a Special Educator whose experience combines teaching, curriculum, and program development. Skilled in planning, designing, and implementing a wide range of educational, social, and enrichment programs for children, teens, and young adults of all abilities, including special needs, to facilitate integration within the larger community. Extensive personal experience with speech therapy, occupational therapy, and alternative health care options for children with special needs and anxiety. Maggie developed the Whole Selves program and has co-written the Whole Selves curriculum, along with Brian Melanson, which they implement in local school systems as well as our center.