Why Whole Selves?

Due to all the standardized testing and all the pressures put on teachers to teach to a test, some really basic skills of being a human are missed. Core skills that make healthy adults such as self-esteem, self-confidence, kindness, and respect are overlooked in the drive to have students pass the mandated testing. Whole Selves helps students learn to take care of themselves and become healthy adults. Having a disability should not exclude a student from being recognized as a whole person who needs to learn these basic skills. We understand that teachers and parents have a hard time discussing things such as hygiene, puberty, and relationship. Whole Selves discusses these, and other difficult topics, with in-depth, simplistic lessons that are geared toward students with disabilities, but can also work for the typical student. All people have the need and right to feel good about themselves and have healthy relationships in their lives. Whole Selves can help with that.

Where are you located?

Our facility is located at: 11 Village Hill Road, Northampton, MA.

How are you managing in-person vs remote learning ?

All of our classes are held in-person.
Individual Skill Building sessions can be either in-person or conducted via Zoom.
Our Professional Development sessions are conducted via Zoom.

We are continually reviewing federal, state, and local pandemic guidelines and adhere strictly to them.


What age group is Whole Selves geared toward? Is my child too young?

We have taught Whole Selves to students ranging from age 8 to age 60. Whole Selves is for everyone, regardless of what stage they are in their lives.

Can parents attend classes with their child?

We strive for the confidentiality and privacy for all students. For this reason, we do not allow parents (or other third parties) to sit in on classes. If there is a special situation that would prevent your child from being able to attend the class without someone being present with them, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss it further.

How do I get Whole Selves taught in my child's school?

You can contact your child’s teacher or the school principal/administrator to discuss having our program taught at your school. We are happy to speak with your school representative about our program.

The individuals we work with are all adults. What can Whole Selves offer them?

Most adults have not been taught basic life-skill lessons. Whole Selves can help everyone learn about boundaries, hygiene, relationships, personal safety, self-advocacy, self-esteem, self-confidence, and navigating all types of relationships.

How does Whole Selves address bullying issues?

We have a Unit called “I Matter”. This unit includes lessons about Bullying, Confronting a Bully, and Telling a Trusted Adult. Students learn the definition of bullying, and are led through examples of bullying and skills on confronting a bully and telling a trusted adult about a bully.

How can Whole Selves help individuals who are non-verbal?

Relationships and self-awareness look different for every person. Whole Selves helps us see everyone as a whole person and can help meet the needs of every person, regardless of their ability.

Hygiene is a real issue with my child/student. How does Whole Selves address this?

Our Self-Care and Puberty units cover the complete hygiene topic with in-depth and simplistic lessons that explain what hygiene is and why it is important.

My child has already reached puberty and I don't feel equipped to handle this topic with them. How can Whole Selves help?

Whole Selves’ lessons and materials are written to help teachers and parents successfully navigate the challenging topics of puberty in clear, straight-forward, language and activities.

How can Whole Selves help with social media safety?

Our Social Media lessons specifically address this topic with clear, straight-forward language and activities.

My child shows no interest in sex or relationships. Won't Whole Selves put ideas into their head?

Whole Selves is about so much more than sex. Our curriculum sets the groundwork for knowing yourself, understanding and dealing with emotions, advocating for yourself, making safe decisions, and so much more. All of these are important components of healthy relationships and lays the groundwork for making safe decisions around intimate relationships.

Do you offer grants to schools and other organizations to help pay for Whole Selves?

At this time, we do not offer grants to help pay for our products.

Am I able to purchase the curriculum without attending the Professional Development?

We do not sell the curriculum as a stand-alone product. Due to the philosophy of the product, we do require that you attend the Professional Development session prior to gaining access to the curriculum.

Are parents able to attend the Professional Development sessions?

While our Professional Development sessions are geared toward educators, parents are welcome to attend and learn to use our curriculum.

Do you offer payment assistance for families wanting to sign their children up for Whole Selves' classes?

Yes. You can apply for a scholarship to help pay for the classes.