Why Whole Selves?

Due to all the standardized testing and all the pressures put on teachers to teach to a test, some really basic skills of being a human are missed. Core skills that make healthy adults such as self-esteem, self-confidence, kindness, and respect are overlooked in the drive to have students pass the mandated testing. Whole Selves helps students learn to take care of themselves and become healthy adults. Having a disability should not exclude a student from being recognized as a whole person who needs to learn these basic skills. We understand that teachers and parents have a hard time discussing things such as hygiene, puberty, and relationship. Whole Selves discusses these, and other difficult topics, with in-depth, simplistic lessons that are geared toward students with disabilities, but can also work for the typical student. All people have the need and right to feel good about themselves and have healthy relationships in their lives. Whole Selves can help with that.