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Straight Forward, Inclusive Lesson Plans & Activities

Lessons are grouped into Whole Selves I:  The Basics and Whole Selves II:  Boundaries and Relationships.  Our content is comprehensive and universal; our lessons and materials are designed to meet the learning needs of students with intellectual disabilities and autism.

Student empowerment is the core of Whole Selves.  Our curriculum empowers students to…

Understand and Recognize:

      • their right and ability to develop genuine relationships of all kinds
      • their thoughts and feelings matter
      • their own bodies
      • their right to consent

Our students know how to say No . . .
and Yes!


Create and Develop:

      • self-confidence
      • interpersonal skills
      • healthy and responsible decision-making skills
      • personal goals and plans to accomplish them
      • tools needed to engage in consensual and safe adult relationships

Advocate for Their Personal Well-being:

      • assert and vocalize their boundaries
      • respect social and personal boundaries of other people
      • take ownership of their own bodies
      • express their sexuality in healthy ways

Whole Selves I: The Basics

      • Introduction: Setting the Tone
      • I Matter
      • Knowing Yourself
      • Self-Care
      • Emotions
      • Self-Advocacy
      • Decision-Making
      • Public and Private
      • Puberty

Whole Selves II: Boundaries and Relationships

      • Introduction: What is Whole Selves II?
      • Fundamental Boundaries
      • Types of Relationships
      • Healthy Relationships
      • Friendships
      • Romantic Relationships and Dating
      • Negotiating Sexual Relationships
      • Boundaries and Personal Safety
      • What I’ve Learned

The presentation of content is flexible and allows teachers to tailor their lesson plans to meet individualized IEP goals. Our content is universal; our approach to teaching is specialized. The lessons are concrete and teach concepts in a way that makes intangible concepts accessible to concrete thinkers.


Whole Selves Lesson Plan – Click on images to view