Sexual Health Education

For Middle and High Schoolers with Disabilities and Autism

Empower your kids with the tools and knowledge to take control of their sexual health and safety.
The Foundation of a Healthy Adulthood Starts Here.

Designed Around the
Core National Standards
for Sexuality Education.
Covers the essential, core content
for sexuality education.

Student Friendly.
Teacher Ready.
Eight semesters of 45-minute easy to
understand lessons and a robust
library of over 100 supplemental

Built-ln Assessments
Measurable ways to track your
student’s and learning.

Developed by parents, teachers, and experts in the field of education, this ground-
breaking curriculum teaches the building blocks of self-determination, self-care,
consent, boundaries and sexual safety.
Our goal: to empower people with intellectual disabilities and autism with the tools
and skills to develop into healthy and safe adults capable of engaging in healthy
and safe relationships, including romantic and sexual relationships.

We believe all young adults deserve to feel
empowered, confident and prepared to navigate the ins and outs of growing up.

Whole Selves looks differen+ in every classroom.
Instruction and pacing are dependent on the needs of each student.
We provide coaching and collabora+ion +0 help find wha+ works in
your class.