Let’s continue our discussion about Puberty.

NOTE: Student must have completed Puberty Clinic – Part 1 before signing up for Puberty Clinic – Part 2.

Students will do a review of what they learned in Puberty Clinic – Part 1. They will then move onto Body Changes in Depth (erections/ejaculation, menstruation, PMS, masturbation), Hygiene and why it is important during puberty, Social Changes, Emotional Changes, ReproductionSexual Orientation, and Sexual Identity.

(Where we begin in Puberty Clinic – Part 2 depends on the topics that were covered in Puberty Clinic – Part 1; it will vary with each group.)

Here are all the details:

    • Session Dates/Time:
      • Monday – Friday
        • May 9, 2022 – May 13, 2022
      • 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm (EST)
    • Cost:
      • $100
    • There may be an additional fee for materials.

NOTE: We have a five (5) student minimum for the clinic to be held. If we do not get enough students for this session, you will be contacted about our next session.

If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Romeo at Tracy.Romeo@PathlightGroup.org.