Far from your average health class, our clinic is designed for students of all abilities and will foster confidence and competence in a way that is fun and comfortable.

The Puberty Clinic will cover body changes, body parts, and the differences between children and adults. Add to that a healthy dose of activities fostering self-esteem and self-confidence. Most importantly, your child will know that they are not alone in this process.

Students will then move onto Body Changes in Depth (erections/ejaculation, menstruation, PMS, masturbation), Hygiene and why it is important during puberty, Social Changes, Emotional Changes, ReproductionSexual Orientation, and Sexual Identity.

Here are all the details:

    • Session Dates/Time:
      • Monday – Friday
        • Part I – May 2, 2022 – May 6, 2022
        • Part II – May 9, 2022 – May 13, 2022
      • 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm (EST)
    • Cost (if you are not a Whole Children member and need help paying for the Clinic, scholarships may be available):
      • $250 for non-Whole Children members or
      • $200 for Whole Children members registered for the current session
    • There may be an additional fee for materials.

NOTE: We have a five (5) student minimum for the clinic to be held. If we do not get enough students for this session, you will be contacted about our next session.

If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Romeo at Tracy.Romeo@PathlightGroup.org.


I wanted my daughter to have a better understanding of puberty and all the changes that come with it. I wanted her to be able to be informed about puberty by someone who was unbiased and not a family member, so that she would feel comfortable learning and asking questions. I feel that my expectations were met.

I believe that my daughter felt comfortable. She seemed to like that it was a special time for her and that I did not attend the meetings.

Parent of a 10-year-old student

The class exceeded our expectations!

Parent of a 12-year-old student