Professional Development

Course Price – $500

Includes the Professional Development Training, access to the Whole Selves I and II curriculum, and to Course Management.

The Whole Selves Series I curriculum includes the following units:

Introduction: Setting the Tone
Unit 1: I Matter
Unit 2: Knowing Yourself
Unit 3: Self-Care
Unit 4: Emotions
Unit 5: Self-Advocacy
Unit 6: Decision-Making
Unit 7: Puberty and Hygiene
Unit 8: Public and Private

The Whole Selves Series II curriculum includes the following units:

Unit 9: Intro to Consent, Sexual Safety, Boundaries
Unit 10: Fundamental Boundaries
Unit 11: Types of Relationships
Unit 12: Healthy Relationships
Unit 13: Friendships
Unit 14: Romantic Relationships and Dating
Unit 15: Negotiating Sexual Relationships
Unit 16: Boundaries and Personal Safety
Unit 17: Increasing Independence/Work Life