Whole Selves I

Whole Selves I, the first course in the Whole Selves Program, provides students with the building blocks of self-determination, self-care, consent, boundaries, and safety around sexual relations.

Purchase of the course includes:

  • Access to the full Whole Selves I curriculum including printable .pdf documents and worksheets, as well as PowerPoint presentations and presenter notes.
  • Creation of one or many separate classes with teachers and students. Purchase one course with as many student spaces as you need, and each class can use a space.
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment quizzes, as well as post-lesson quizzes, show student learning by individual student, by class, and by course through assessment reports.

Units include:

Setting the Tone

Welcome to Whole Selves: Setting the Tone! This unit is made up of four fun and engaging lessons that will serve as an introduction to the class. Here, your student(s) will preview...

I Matter

I Matter is the first main unit in the Whole Selves I curriculum. Students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, like all students, need guidance developing self-esteem...

Knowing Yourself

Throughout the Knowing Yourself unit, students will have an opportunity to further explore their personal interests, abilities, character, and feelings. This unit has compiled...


In the Self-Care unit of Whole Selves I, students learn to take care of their physical, mental, and emotional health. The unit begins by teaching self-care of the body where students....


Welcome to Emotions. In this unit, students explore a wide range of emotions with a focus on happiness, anger, sadness and fear / anxiety. We want students to be able...


Welcome to Self-Advocacy. In this unit, students learn to speak up for themselves. The meaning and importance of self-advocacy is taught first, before students learn specific steps that can help them . . .


Welcome to Decision-Making. This unit helps students learn how to make healthy and safe decisions in their lives.

Public and Private

In this unit, students learn the difference between public and private places, activities, and topics and that their whole body is private.


Welcome to Puberty. This comprehensive unit consists of 12 lessons that teach students about their bodies, feelings, and thoughts as they . . .