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Setting the Tone


Whole Selves: Setting the Tone is an introduction to the Whole Selves curriculum, allowing you and your students to become familiar with our approach and providing a foundation for the courses to come. This unit is made up of four fun and engaging lessons that will serve as an introduction to the class. Here, your student(s) will preview our curriculum topics, become familiar with relevant vocabulary, and establish group expectations. Together, you will establish a welcoming and safe environment in which they can explore the ins and outs of growing up.

Unit Objective:

Students will understand the meaning and practical application of respect, trust, and boundaries, that they are the basis of Whole Selves, and that Whole Selves teaches them about being a healthy and safe adult. environment.

Standards Met:

  • MEH1.5.12 Explain the importance of respecting the personal space and boundaries of others.
  • MEH1.5.14 Give examples of pro-social behaviors (e.g., helping others, being respectful of others, cooperation, consideration).
  • S3.2.1 Identify trusted adults at home who can help promote safety and injury prevention.
  • S3.2.2 Identify trusted adults and professionals in school who can help promote safety and injury prevention (e.g., school principal, facility and maintenance staff).
  • S3.2.3 Identify trusted adults and professionals in the community who can help promote safety and injury prevention (e.g., police, firefighter).

Objective Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

  • Identify that Whole Selves is a class that will help them become healthy and safe adults.
  • Identify topics from the Whole Selves curriculum that they want to learn more about (self-esteem, boundaries, self-care and hygiene, emotions, self-advocacy, puberty, and public and private).
  • Define and identify examples of trust and no trust.
  • Define and identify examples of respect and no respect.
  • Define boundaries.
  • Define trusted adult.
  • Identify a trusted adult.
  • Students will be able to identify expectations and rules that help create a safe and healthy classroom environment.
  • Students will be able to describe ways in which they can follow the rules and contribute to a safe and healthy classroom environment.
NOTE: Prior to teaching the first lesson, send home the “Letter Home/Unit Vocabulary and Definitions” with each student.

Unit Outline:

Unit Pre-Assessment
Note: You may consider using a word bank for the second question.
Lesson One – What is Whole Selves?
45 Minutes
Students are introduced to the broad goals of the Whole Selves program and choose which topics they’d like to learn more about.
Lesson Two – Trust, Respect, and Boundaries
45 Minutes
Students learn about trust, respect, and boundaries through definitions, sorting activity, role-play, and example cards.
Lesson Three – Trusted Adult
45 Minutes
Students identify adults in their lives that are trustworthy and can help keep them safe.
Lesson Four – Expectations and Rules
45 Minutes
Students learn the rules and expectations of the Whole Selves classroom
Unit Post Assessment
20 Minutes
Note: You may consider using a word bank for the second question.

Unit Vocabulary and Definitions:

Whole Selves: a class where we learn to become healthy and safe adults
Trust: when you can count on someone
Respect: treating others with kindness
Boundaries: rules that tell us how to treat others
Trusted Adult: a grown-up that you can count on to help you and keep you safe

Unit Materials

  • Pre/Post Assessment
    Assessment Worksheet
    Teacher Rating Scale
    Accommodation for Teacher Rating Scale
  • Lesson Materials
  • Lesson 1: What is Whole Selves?
    • Student Friendly Objectives
    • Whole Selves Booklet
    • Exit Tickets
  • Lesson 2: Trust, Respect, and Boundaries
    • Student Friendly Objectives
    • Trust, Respect and Boundaries Basket Labels
    • Trust, Respect, and Boundaries Example Cards
    • Trust, Respect, and Boundaries Worksheet
    • Exit Ticket
      Supplemental Materials


      • Trust, Respect, and Boundaries PowerPoint
      • Trust, Respect, and Boundaries PowerPoint Presenter Notes
  • Lesson 3: Trusted Adult
    • Student Friendly Objectives
    • Trusted Adult / No Trust Basket Labels
    • Trusted Adult / No Trust Sorting Cards
    • Trusted Adult Definition Card
    • My Trusted Adult Worksheet
    • Exit Ticket
      Supplemental Materials


      • My Trusted Adult Extra Worksheet
  • Lesson 4: Expectations and Rules
    • Student Friendly Objectives
    • Rules in Whole Selves PowerPoint
    • Rules in Whole Selves PowerPoint Presenter Notes
    • Expectations and Rules Example Cards
    • Exit Ticket

Letter Home/Unit Vocabulary and Definitions