Trusted Adult

Materials and Preparation

Curriculum Provided Materials:

  • For Teacher Use:
    • One copy of “Student Friendly Objectives”
    • One copy of Trusted Adult definition card
    • One each of Trusted Adult and No Trust basket labels
    • One set of Trusted Adult sorting cards
    • One copy of My Trusted Adult worksheet
  • For Student Use:
    • One copy of Trusted Adult Definition Card
    • One copy of My Trusted Adult worksheet
    • One Exit Ticket

Teacher Materials:

  • Bucket or basket with Trusted Adult and No Trust basket labels attached

Preparation Notes:

  • Print and display “Student Friendly Objectives”
  • Print one copy of Trusted Adult definition card for each student and teacher
  • Print, cut, and laminate one set of Trusted Adult and No Trust basket labels
  • Print, cut, and laminate one set of Trusted Adults sorting cards
  • Print one copy of My Trusted Adult worksheet for each student and teacher
  • Print one Exit Ticket for each student

Supplemental Materials:

  • My Trusted Adult extra worksheet

Lesson Information

Lesson What is Whole Selves? Introductory Unit Setting the Tone
Lesson Number and Type 3 – Visual/ Auditory Approximate Length 45 Minutes


Standard(s) S3.2.1 Identify trusted adults at home who can help promote safety and injury prevention.

S3.2.2 Identify trusted adults and professionals in school who can help promote safety and injury prevention (e.g., school principal, facility and maintenance staff ).

S3.2.3 Identify trusted adults and professionals in the community who can help promote safety and injury prevention (e.g., police, firefighter).

Objective(s) Students will be able to define “Trusted Adult”.

Students will be able to identify a trusted adult.

Student Friendly Objective(s) I can define “Trusted Adult”.

I can tell you who my trusted adult is.

Transition Goals  N/A
Evidence/Assessments Trusted Adult worksheet

Exit Ticket

Lesson Vocabulary Word(s) Trusted Adult: a grown-up that you can count on to help you and keep you safe

Teacher Notes

Review (5 minutes) Begin by reviewing the purpose of Whole Selves. Show students the topics introduced in the first lesson. Remind students that they are learning how to be healthy and safe adults.

Next, review the definitions of “trust”, “respect”, and “boundaries”. Consider revisiting a role-play or a few example cards from the previous lesson to get started.

Introduction  (10 minutes) Explain to the students that today’s lesson is about something called a “Trusted Adult”. Ask students to repeat this phrase back to you and spend a few moments practicing saying “trusted adult”.

Hand each student a copy of the “Trusted Adult” definition card and read it aloud. After reading, present the students with a personal example of someone that you trust; you might say, “For me, I really trust my Mom; she is always there for me. Even though I am an adult, too, she still makes me feel safe.” Next, ask students who they trust.


Activity  (25 minutes) 1. Explain to the students that they will now look at some examples and decide if each person is a trusted adult or not. Present the baskets or buckets with the “Trusted Adult” and “No Trust” labels. Go through each of the sorting cards and have students decide if the person is a trusted adult or not. Give students opportunities to put the sorting card in the correct bucket.

2. Provide each student with a copy of “My Trusted Adult” worksheet.

3. Read through the first page.

4. Model how to do the worksheet by doing your own copy.

5. Let your students know that it is their turn. Work with students to ensure they have identified a trusted adult. It may be necessary to talk with families and other team members to figure out the best choice, then guide the student toward choosing that person, if it makes the most sense.

6. Check in with each student by asking them to explain or give an example of why their person is trusted.

Conclusion and Exit Ticket  (10 minutes) Congratulate students on their work today!

Pass out Exit Tickets for students to complete. Then, if time allows, let students share what they wrote.

Suggested Supplemental Activity(ies) My Trusted Adults Extra Worksheet: This is another worksheet that details the attributes of a trusted adult and asks students to think about people in their lives and select two who are trustworthy. It is a nice review for a rainy day, or a good way to record more people who students feel are safe and trustworthy.

Student Friendly Objectives


Trusted Adult Definition Card


Trusted Adult/No Trust Basket Labels


Trusted Adult/No Trust Sorting Cards


My Trusted Adult Worksheet

Exit Ticket

My Trusted Adult Extra Worksheet