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Building a Confident Character, Building a Confident Me

Materials and Preparation

Curriculum Provided Materials:

  • For Teacher Use:
    • One copy of “Student Friendly Objectives
    • Poster with teacher’s photograph (created in Lesson 1)
    • Multiple copies of the “Adjective Word List” (from Lesson 1)
  • For Student Use:
    • Poster with student’s photograph (created in Lesson 1)
    • One copy of Exit Ticket from Lesson 3
    • One Exit Ticket

Teacher Materials:

  • None

Preparation Notes:

  • Print and display “Student Friendly Objectives”
  • Print and cut multiple copies “Adjectives Word List” used in Lesson 1 (4-6 words for each person, including staff)
  • Print one exit ticket for each student

Supplemental Materials:

  • N/A

Lesson Information

Lesson Building a Confident Character/Me Unit I  Matter
Lesson Number and Type 4 – Visual/ Auditory/Kinesthetic Approximate Length 45 Minutes


Standard(s) MEH4.5.1 Demonstrate effective verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

MEH4.5.6 Demonstrate how to effectively communicate support for others.

Objective(s) Students will be able to effectively and confidently communicate information about themselves.

Students will be able to demonstrate positive support for their peers.

Student Friendly Objective(s) I can share my poster with confidence.

I can show my support for others by cheering them on.

Transition Goals  N/A
Evidence/Assessments Student posters and presentations

Exit Ticket

Lesson Vocabulary Word(s) No new vocabulary words for this lesson.


Teacher Notes

Review (10 minutes) Hang each student’s poster they’ve been working on over the last three lessons. Say: “We have been building our self-esteem and our self-confidence in class.” Ask students to look at their poster. Say: “Who can tell me something that they are good at?” Solicit answers. Say: “Who can tell me something that they like?” Solicit answers. Say: “Who can tell me something that they don’t like?” Solicit answers.

Say: “Wonderful! We are working on building our self-esteem and our self-confidence.”

Read aloud the definitions of “Self-Esteem” and “Self-Confidence”.

“Self-Esteem means feeling good about yourself.”

“Self-Confidence is knowing I can do things.”

Say: “Our posters are helping us learn to feel good about ourselves.” Pass out the copies of each student’s Exit Ticket from Lesson 3, scissors, and glue sticks. Have each student cut out words and paste them on their posters.

Introduction  (5 minutes) 1. Say: “Today we are going to share our posters with the whole class.”

2. Have a co-teacher stand up in front of the group with their poster. The co-teacher will confidently introduce themselves to the group and clearly and confidently say the words on their poster. For example, the teacher may say, “Hey everyone. My name is Maggie. I am a good singer, I love to dance, I am smart and funny, I like basketball, but I don’t like asparagus.”

3. Once the teacher has presented, have the class cheer. Invite the teacher to sit down at the table. Now, spread four to six adjectives (number will vary according to class ability) on the table, reading each word aloud clearly and slowly. Say: “Let’s decide which of these words best describes [name of co-teacher].” Help students pick two words. Once selected, hand the words to your co-teacher and invite them to glue the words onto their poster. Once complete, cheer for the teacher.

Activity  (20 minutes)

Repeat the activity demonstrated in the introduction for each person in the class.

Once each person has completed the activity, ask the class: “How did it feel to do this activity?” You want students to identify positive feelings associated with the activity and, if possible, to tie this feeling to the words “self-esteem” and “self-confidence”. To facilitate this, co-teachers should be prepared to answer: “I felt good when the class cheered for me.” or “Hearing those words made me feel confident.”, etc. Spend the time needed to ensure that each student is able to connect the experience with a positive feeling. Each student should be able to report some kind of positive experience.

Conclusion and Exit Ticket  (10 minutes) Say: “We have been working on our self-esteem and our self-confidence. Self-esteem is feeling good about ourselves. Look at your poster and choose one of the words you see. Let’s go around the circle and say our word aloud in a confident voice.”

Model this activity for the students using your own poster. Look down at your poster, then look back up at the students and say, “I am ________”. Then, ask who would like to go next.

Pass out the Exit Tickets for students to complete.

Suggested Supplemental Activity(ies) N/A

Student Friendly Objectives

Exit Ticket