Whole Selves II

Whole Selves II, the second course in the Whole Selves Program, provides students with the building blocks of self-determination, self-care, consent, boundaries, and safety around sexual relations.

Purchase of the course includes:

  • Access to the full Whole Selves II curriculum including printable .pdf documents and worksheets, as well as PowerPoint presentations and presenter notes.
  • Creation of one or many separate classes with teachers and students. Purchase one course with as many student spaces as you need, and each class can use a space.
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment quizzes, as well as post-lesson quizzes, show student learning by individual student, by class, and by course through assessment reports.

Units include:

What is Whole Selves II?

Welcome to Whole Selves℠ II!  This unit is made up of four engaging lessons that serve as an introduction to the second part of the Whole Selves℠ curriculum.  Here students will . . .

Fundamental Boundaries

In this unit students learn how to firmly set a boundary, how to get and give consent, and that they and others have the right to set boundaries for touch, their possessions, what people . . .

Types of Relationships

In this unit, students explore and categorize the types of relationships in their lives. They also learn that each type of relationship comes with its own set of Boundaries.

Healthy Relationships

In Healthy Relationships, students learn the five elements of a healthy relationship:  Trust, Support, Communication, Respect, and Healthy Boundaries.  These elements are explored in friendships . . .


This unit is all about making friends and sustaining existing friendships. Students learn about boundaries in friendships, managing conflicts, social dilemmas, peer pressure and red flags.

Romantic Relationships and Dating

In this unit students learn the steps of dating and that attraction is usually the first step. They learn about sexual orientation, red flags in romantic . . .

Navigating Sexual Relationships

In this unit we review enthusiastic consent, reproductive anatomy, and masturbation. We clarify what sex is, talk about sexual safety, birth control, STIs, and pregnancy. We teach that . . .

Boundaries and Personal Safety

This unit gives students strategies to stay safe and how to help   prevent violence against them.  We review bullying and define assault and abuse. 

What I’ve Learned

In this short unit, students spend time reviewing and reflecting on the many topics covered in Whole Selves.