Setting the Tone – Part I Clinic

NOTE: It is recommended that students complete Setting the Tone – Part I before signing up for any clinic in this series.  Setting the Tone – Part I introduces students to the Whole Selves curriculum and provides a foundation for the clinics to come.

I Matter Clinic

The lessons and activities in I Matter help students understand that their thoughts and feelings are important, which is the first step to building healthy relationships, creating strong boundaries and self–advocacy skills.

Knowing Yourself Clinic

This is a clinic about exploring who you are, what are your likes/dislikes, values, strengths, things that give you trouble, and your needs and how to meet them.

Self-Care Clinic

This clinic is learning about taking care of your body and your mind.

Emotions Clinic

In this clinic, students explore a wide range of emotions with a focus on happiness, anger, sadness, and fear/anxiety.

Social Media Clinic

Chances are pretty good that your child has been online a lot lately! It might be time for them to learn to be safe on social media.

Self-Advocacy Clinic

Students learn the meaning and importance of self-advocacy before they learn specific steps that can help them speak up for themselves in their lives.

Decision Making Clinic

This clinic helps student learn how to make healthy and safe decisions in their lives.

Public and Private Clinic

Students learn the difference between public and private places, activities, and topics, ad that their whole body is private

Puberty Clinic

This two-part clinic is far from your average health class, it is designed for students of all abilities and will foster confidence and competence in a way that is fun and comfortable.