Setting the Tone – Part II Clinic

NOTE: It is recommended that students complete Setting the Tone – Part II before signing up for any clinic in this series.  Setting the Tone – Part II introduces students to the second part of the Whole Selves curriculum and helps establish a welcoming and safe environment to explore more in-depth topics.

Fundamental Boundaries Clinic

Students will learn how to stand up for themselves when someone breaks their boundaries.

Types of Relationships Clinic

Students explore and categorize the types of relationships in their lives.

 Healthy Relationships Clinic

Students learn the five elements of a healthy relationship: Trust, Support, Communication, Respect, and Healthy Boundaries.

 Friendships Clinic

This clinic is all about making friends and sustaining existing friendships.

 Romantic Relationships/Dating Clinic

In this two-part clinic, students learn the steps of dating and that attraction is usually the first step.

Navigating Sexual Relationships Clinic

In this two-part clinic, we help students understand that being sexually active is their decision and give them tools to determine what the right decision is for them. This is for people who are in sexual relationships or thinking about having a sexual relationship. Recommended for ages 17+.

Boundaries and Personal Safety Clinic

In this clinic we talk about what it means to be safe in the community.